Monitor, Share & Promote your Projects

on line... from anywhere, at any time...


Imagine being able to watch every step of the development of your next building site – an impressive private home in a stunning location, a busy shopping center or an industrial site in the middle of nowhere – on-line from your office, on your laptop, tablet or even smartphone, from anywhere in the world, at any time...

At the end of the construction, the time-lapse movie will be an excellent marketing tool to showcase the realization of your masterpiece in a couple of minutes.

This is iWatch, a professional on-line monitoring system of any building site, lasting from a few days to several years, and combined with a cutting-edge multimedia marketing tool.

iWatch version 2 now comes in two options iWatch-PRO and iWatch-DIY.


how it works...

iWatch is a small self-contained unit - optionally solar powered - that takes high resolution photos at regular intervals and automatically sends them to a web server. The monitoring control panel, that can be integrated in any website, allows you to search for any photo taken by any of the cameras installed on site, at any specific time since the beginning of the project. The system also allows you to play a low resolution time-lapse video clip which is automatically updated every day.

The on-line sophisticated monitoring system will appeal to architects, developers, builders, investorslawyers,and the time-lapse movies will seduce the PR and marketing teams.

iWatch is simple, cost effective, reliable and produces great results.

iWatch is the fruit of our expertise of producing commercial and industrial time-lapse movies, specially adapted for Africa and Australia.

Contact us to know how much to budget to incorporate iWatch into your next project…