Cost analysis 

Many factors are to be considered to estimate the cost of monitoring your building site and producing time lapse video.

The most obvious parameters are certainly the duration of the project and the number of cameras to install.  We always install a minimum of 2 cameras for backup purpose.  There is no minimum or maximum duration, a few days to many years, and the average lays between 6 to 18 months.  Ideally the main camera shoots a wide-angle frame of the whole site taken from a high location (keep in mind that this camera must be placed at an equivalent distance as the width of the site to be captured).

The frequency on how often the pictures are taken as well as the number of shooting hours are also to be considered to estimate the total number of pictures and so the bandwith to be used to send them to the server.  Here the average is 10-12 hours of shooting of 6 pictures per hour (1 picture every 10 minutes).  

Also the maximum resolution of the picture required is to be considered (normally we shoot in hires 1920x1080 pixel or more in order to produce full hd movie).

The accessibility of a reliable wifi network is certainly the cheapest communication channel to send the pictures to the server via the internet.  In that case the cellular network is only used as a backup.  When the wifi network is not available or reliable, the choice of the cellular service will determine the cost of data communication.

If the above factors can give you an estimate of the running costs, only a detailed site analysis will finalize the installation and maintenance costs.  

The location of the site and its accessibility, its operational security and special regulations, the need of using third party installers or using your own FPP certified staff, the environmental conditions of the site, the location of the cameras on neighbors' properties and finally the preparation of the camera locations based on specific regulations are the parameters to carefully analyzed to estimated the installation and maintenance costs.

The last component of the project concerns the production of the time lapse movies which will be influenced by the number of optional intermediary movies and the addition of optional special footage.


In every project, the cameras installed on site remain our property and must be insured by the client.

Site Analysis

In almost every project, we recommend a site analysis in situ that must be paid in advance at least 2 months prior commencing the building project.


Then the initial forward payment (covering 20-25 % of the total cost) must be received at least 1 month before starting the project. This amount covers the setup and installation of all the equipment.

Afterwards the client will pay a monthly fee until the end of the project.  This amount covers all the communication and hosting costs plus the rental of the service.

Finally at reception of the final time-lapse movie, the client will pay the balance.