iWatch-PRO versus iWatch-DIY

Photo © PaulGodard.com - IWatch-PRO Versus IWatch-DIY - On-Line Monitoring System - Time Lapse Photography - Building Sites - Construction Projects

The new powerful hardware and software version 2 of iWatch comes now in two options :

  • iWatch-PRO – when we are in charge of everything – and
  • iWatch-DIY – the "Do-It-Yourself" version, when you are in charge of the installation and the maintenance of the system, as well as the creation of the time-lapse movie.

Other very good news is that iWatch is now cheaper than the first version due to more competitive network costs, and that iWatch-DIY will save you min 35 % compared to iWatch-PRO!

The table below compares and highlights the features of iWatch-PRO and iWatch-DIY versus iWatch.  Although all iWatch deliver up to Full HD, the picture quality of iWatch-PRO/DIY is superior, due to new hardware and software.

Features iWatch iWatch-PRO iWatch-DIY
weatherproof webcam v1 v2 v2
main powered
solar powered
max resolution  Full HD ~4K Full HD
min lowres interval as hires 1 sec as hires
min hires interval 10 min 1 min 10 min
web control panel v1.2 custom v2 v2
interval control na na
HDR control na na
pan & zoom na
download/email hires na
on-line low-res time-lapse clip na na
hires time-lapse movie
storage on server (2 months)
archivage on Amazon S3
site analysis na
installation na
maintenance na
on-line support limited